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Audition FAQ's

Is ZiCOPA an agency?
ZiCOPA is not an agency. You would have to find a local scout to assist you in entering the Zimbabwe Championship of Performing Arts or register online and we will refer you to a scout within your area.

ZiCOPA provides a platform to existing local arts bodies, (including music and dance academies, primary and high schools, studios, drama clubs and individual performers,) to showcase their talent on a global platform. ZiCOPA is on a drive of identifying these bodies and individuals in order to form partnership in advancing performing arts in the country.
What is ZICOPA looking for?
ZiCOPA is looking for gifted actors, models, singers, dancers and instrumentalist who are willing to put in hard work to represent Team Zimbabwe at the annual WCOPA.
What are the guidelines for an official contestant?
An official contestant must be:

– a citizen and/or resident (or nationality) in good standing of Zimbabwe,

– May be an amateur or professional.

– Must comply with the rules and regulations established by the Zimbabwean Championships of performing arts.
What are the Age categories of competition?


How is age calculated?
The age of the contestant on July 1 of each competition year determines the age category of competition. For duets, trios, quartets, choirs, groups and production numbers, it is calculated by age averaging. Every member’s age as of the first day of July is added together then divided by the number of members in the group. If the average age of a group ends in 0.5 or higher, then it is rounded up to the next higher age
What happens at an open audition? - ZICOPA
The ZICPA audition is more than an audition. It’s an inside look at the entertainment industry and the standards that will apply at the World Championships. After the information session, the audition begins.

*Video and photography are prohibited.
What are the judging criteria?
The Zimbabwe Championships will mirror the proceedings at the WCOPA. Special emphasis is placed on “entertainment value and marketability” during judging. This in no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances; however, judges are looking for that special charisma (the “it” factor) that most top entertainers have. Performance times of one minute (60 seconds) are strictly enforced. Contestants with the highest scores by panels of judges in respective events are the winners.
Why should I participate in the Zimbabwean championships?
It is hard to put a value on an investment in our children or oneself. The number one comment made about ZiCOPA is “It changed my (child’s) life”. This statement means different things to different people. To some it means, I or my child confirmed this business is where I see my (our) future. To others it means the experience allowed me to gain priceless knowledge to pursue my career goals. Yet others, ZiCOPA confirmed that I have what it takes to be successful in the Entertainment Industry.
How do I know that ZiCOPA is legitimate?
ZiCOPA, (Zimbabwe Championship of performing Arts) is an organisation registered in Zimbabwe, and affiliated to World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) an organisation based in Hollywood in the United States of America.

ZiCOPA directors are vetted and chosen under strict guidelines of the WCOPA. Our, structures and processes are built to model the WCOPA.To put your mind at ease log onto
If I receive a callback, what happens next?
If you receive a callback at the national auditions then you have qualified to be part of Team Zimbabwe at the world championships.
What if I live too far away or a miss my audition?
Consider ZICOPAs eApplication.
What if I don’t receive a callback from the open audition?
You will receive an email with other options and/or advice.
Can I audition in more than one talent?
Yes. You’re encouraged to audition in any area.
Can groups perform?
Group performances are as follows:

Solo : 1 person

Duet/Trio: 2 or 3 people

Small Group: 4 to 9 people

Line: 10 to 19 people

Large Group: 20 or more
Will my audition be private or in front of a group of people?
Both public and private auditions are available. If you want complete privacy, consider ZICOPA eApplication.
Should I bring a parent?
We encourage teens and adults to bring parents, a spouse, a mentor, and/or anyone who loves you and is interested in your future.
What should I wear to the audition?
Dress in neat, casual, age-appropriate clothes— Keep your appearance fresh and natural.
Is my child ready to audition?
In addition to talent, the most important attributes for children in entertainment are an outgoing personality and unusual maturity. Your child must be at least 5 years old. The desire to perform needs to be the child’s desire- not the parent’s.
Is there an application to fill out?
Please fill out the ZICOPA audition application online.
There are six (6) categories of competition for junior competition & six (6) categories for senior competition respectively
What are the Event Categories?


Your Possible Entries

ACTING Classical, Comical, Contemporary, Dramatic and Open

Acro/Gymnastic, Ballet, Ballroom, Clogging, Contemporary, Ethnic/Folklore, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Open, Production Line, Tap, Song and Dance

Casual, Formal, Photo, Spokesmodel, Swimwear (Commercial, Plus and Petite are in addition to Runway)

Broadway, Country, Contemporary, Gospel, Latin, Open, Opera, Original Works, Pop, R&B/Soul/Jazz, Rap, Rock, Variety and World. All vocal styles are also offered in Vocal Self-Accompaniment.
INSTRUMENTAL Classical, contemporary, Jazz, Open, and Original Works

3 and under props, 4 and over props, act with assistance and act without assistance.
Should singers or dancers bring costumes?
Singers and dancers should not wear costumes or any special makeup (such as mime or stage).
What is the registration fee for the ZICOPA auditions?
A $10 registration fee will be charged for auditions – this is for administration
Is there an application to fill out?
Please fill out the ZICOPA audition application online
Can I bring babies and toddlers?
The minimum age to audition is 5. The audition is fun, but serious. If your children are too small to sit quietly for 1-2 hours, please leave them at home and/or bring a babysitter who can keep them in the foyer.
What Is Meant By The Terms Entry And Contestant?
An Entry is a solo, duet, trio, group, etc. entered in competition at the Zimbabwe Championships of Performing Arts – ZiCOPA. A Contestant is a soloist or member of a duet, trio, group, etc. For example, a trio of singers is considered one vocal entry with three contestants.
For More Information on the WCOPA click on this link: